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Aging is Inevitable

Aging is Inevitable

Posted by Sandra Chamberlain Courtesy of Drive Medical on 2014 Feb 15th

Aging is inevitable.  From the time we are born, we age.  Aging well is a choice. is committed  to helping you age well, in place and on your terms.  Never before have there been so many products available to help us through life's ups and downs, eliminating the struggle to perform daily tasks.  We encourage you to put that energy to the things you enjoy doing and let us provide the gizmos and gadgets that will let you Live the Way You Want to Live...With Confidence!

"Wanderlust" perfectly describes Frances, an 81-year-old woman with a zest for traveling and life, and a deep love for her family, especially her granddaughter Ramsey.  Traveling, exploring and experiencing life with her family are Frances' greatest pleasures, so when she suffered a stroke in September 2016, her biggest fear was that she may not be able to resume the life she once enjoyed.  Because Frances isn't just an avid traveler; she is also the type of gal to hang Christmas lights on her rooftop.  Although her stroke was devastating, she was determined not to let it define her.

A successful recovery was the key for Frances.  The stroke left her balance unstable, and it was heartbreaking for her to go from hanging Christmas lights on her rooftop to using a walker - let along the bland, hard-to-fold, cold, ugly, silver walker the hospital supplied.  This walker was not a mobility aid that Frances identified with, and it made her feel like she was in worse shape than she actually was.  Determined to help her Grandma get better, Ramsey gave Frances a hand-me-down walker from the assisted living facility she once ran.  It was nice but it was very heavy, bulky and once again, it didn't make Frances feel good.  And feeling good was important to Frances.

A granddaughter on a mission, Ramsey was determined to find a better mobility aid for her grandmother, one that would help her grandma feel good.  And Frances had specific requirements that she wanted as well.  She wanted a mobility aid she would enjoy using, one that would be easy-to-use, and could be versatile - an aid that she could use if she ventured out for a long adventure around town or traveling to the next exotic destination.

The online research that Ramsey conducted uncovered the Nitro Rollator.  When she showed her grandma the Nitro, Frances stated, "It actually looks fun!"  Frances picked out her colour (she chose white), and the Nitro was ordered.  Upon its arrival, Frances was over the moon. She declared, "It is a dream-walker!"  After using it, she said, "I absolutely love it!  It feels like nothing, can carry everything I need, looks young and stylish...and is just more me!  I even ordered a cup holder and cell phone holder for it.  I control it; it doesn't control me.  I can be the "young' 81-year old I was!"

Since her stroke in September 2016, Frances has taken her Nitro to Disneyland and Disney World, Atlanta, the Grand Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and Jamaica.  On her most recent cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, Frances was the belle of the ball.  Everyone with a "regular walker" stopped her and asked about the Nitro.  During her stay in Mexico, Frances said the Nitro traveled on cobblestone and even sand.  She was amazed the she could easily walk through the narrow cruise ship hallways and she loved the seat handle for easy folding!.

With her Nitro in tow, Frances and Ramsey are planning their next adventure - mapping out a road trip - as Frances said, "Nothing is going to stop me now!"