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Finding well-adjusted shoes is sometimes hard and it gets even harder when you suffer from feet disorders. Whether you suffer from feet deformations, sensitive, wide or swollen feet, we have the style that fits your feet.

Discover our range of wide fitting shoes specially designed for people with feet disorders.

Thanks to stretchable material that adjusts itself to the shape of the feet, you will not feel any compression on sensitive parts.

The multiple straps enable a perfect adjustment of the volume of the shoe throughout the day.

Most of our styles are made with an antimicrobial material, with high absorption and thermal control. It leaves your feet dry and healthy.

Discover our styles specially designed for diabetics.

Wide fitting 
  • Ultimate Comfort Slipper Ultimate Comfort Slipper

    Ultimate Comfort Slipper

    Step into the Ultimate Comfort Slipper with velcro custom fit.  The perfect slipper for feet that swell.  The firm support heel anatomically grips your heel.  The wide, smooth tongue has no seams, ideal for diabetic patients.  The...

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  • Simcan Heat Zone Socks Simcan Heat Zone Socks

    Simcan Heat Zone Socks

    Say goodbye to cold feet forever. Simcan’s Heat Zone socks have been developed to provide the maximum amount of warmth and comfort no matter what the temperature. The incredibly soft long-looped brushed acrylic pile not only insulates the foot in a...

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  • Foot logics Orthotics Foot logics Orthotics

    Foot logics Orthotics

    Relief from Plantar Fasciitis Pain! Many of us suffer from over-pronation: rolling inward of the ankle and lowering of the arch.  Over-pronation is the major cause of heel pain and heel spurs (Plantar Fasciitis).  It may also lead to pain in...

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  • SALE


    Tatoo by PodoWell is a stylist, natural wool designed shoe that accommodates swollen, achy feet.  Ideal for cooler months, the Tatoo's soft exterior adjusts to the shape of the foot.  Seamless interior makes it idea for diabetic feet.  The...

    Was: $85.00
    Now: $79.95
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  • Athena


    Ideal for swollen and or pressure sensitive feet, the Athena by PodoWell is a popular choice.  Adjustable velcro straps allow the user to accommodate swelling. The anti-microbial, removable insole provides cushioned comfort and the non-slip sole...

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  • SALE


    The Alvine by PodoWell is a formal, enclosed shoe with stretchable material to accommodate swelling or will adjust to the shape of the foot.  The larger toe box gives plenty of room and has no inseam, making it perfect for diabetic feet.  This...

    Was: $200.00
    Now: $199.95
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